Mass IDEAS awards grants from October School Design Institute

Mass IDEAS is excited to announce two new grant awards to the following school design teams:

The two teams participated in our October School Design Institute at Babson College and developed ambitious prototypes to rethink school within their communities. These grants will support their efforts to test their innovative prototypes.

The Dearborn team is working to develop ninth grade students’ identity and passion for STEM in order to engender persistence, problem-solving skills, and love of self and community. The Mohawk Trail team seeks to increase student engagement through the creation of authentic learning experiences rooted in the individual student by providing more diverse pathways to graduation that are informed by student and other stakeholder input.

Mass IDEAS congratulates these teams and offers our ongoing appreciation to the Barr and Nellie Mae Education Foundations for the funding that made both the School Design Institute and the grants possible. We are pleased to support both of these grantee teams in their efforts to create positive change in the Massachusetts education space!   

Liza Veto