Below are some frequently asked questions about Mass IDEAS’ work, and high-quality, innovative school design in Massachusetts.

What kind of pathways do students need? 

In today’s world, each student must develop a broad range of skills in problem-solving, communicating, working with others, and lifelong learning. We believe our schools must know what powerful learning looks and feels like, and must be designed to help our kids thrive in a time of rapid change.

What are the characteristics of schools Mass IDEAS supports? 

These are the characteristics we look to create and support in schools:

Students at the Center: Schools are centered around student learning, student needs, and student success. Solutions are developed and decisions are made based on what is best for students.

Equitable: Schools enable the achievement and growth of learners — both students and adults — of every national origin and heritage, race, gender, sexual orientation, home language, ability, and other identities.

Learning Mindset: Schools establish learning communities in which together, all learners take risks, welcome mistakes as learning opportunities, and feel compelled to accomplish goals.

Learner-Driven: Schools support all learners to understand why learning matters, take responsibility for their own learning, and make decisions about their learning.

Personalized: Schools meet the unique needs of all learners, allowing them to learn at their own pace and to have a say in where, how, and when they learn best.  

High expectations: Schools hold high expectations for all learners and support them in meeting clearly defined goals, in order to prepare learners for ongoing success in work and life.

How can I find out about upcoming Mass IDEAS opportunities?

Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about upcoming School Design Institutes and grant opportunities. Also check out our Stories page for examples of past activities and learning happening with Mass IDEAS.