Let the Iterating Begin!

School Design Institutes are for people like you: educators, parents, students, community members, industry partners, and other Massachusetts stakeholders who see a need for change — either in their own communities or across the state — and are ready to take steps towards that change. These changes can be incremental steps or big ones: prototyping a new approach in one grade, reinventing a current school, or designing an entire new one. The Institutes will help you get there. We will focus on developing the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement effective, innovative, and high-quality learning models.

Together during the sessions we will dig into the reasons why schools need to change, mindsets needed to make these changes, and problems of practice that you see in your own communities through design thinking.




We are so excited that teams from across Massachusetts have participated in our Institutes. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to hear when the next Institute will be available for you to apply.

Baystate Academy Charter School (Springfield)

Blackstone Valley Education Hub

Brighton High School

Cohasset Center for Student Coastal Research

Excel High School (Boston)

Holyoke STEM Academy

R.C. Mahar Regional School (Orange)

McCormack Middle School (Boston)

McKay Arts Academy (Fitchburg)

New Bedford Cheironeum

Peck Full Service Community School (Holyoke)

Resiliency Preparatory Academy (Fall River)

Salem High School

TechBoston Academy

Veritas Prep Holyoke

Wildflower Montessori Middle School (Falmouth)